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VDB and JBT Launch Very Useful Collaboration

Are you a buyer or seller looking for faster, more secure, and streamlined credit transactions in the digital marketplace? VDB is partnering with the Jewelers Board of Trade (JBT) to integrate JBT’s Application Program Interface (API) into the VDB app. It’s a partnership worthy of a diamond ring.

The Jewelers Board of Trade is the only organization dedicated solely to providing industry data, credit reporting, debt collections, and marketing services to the jewelry industry. With their aggregated industry statistics and database of over 60,000 jewelry industry-related businesses, JBT members have access to the latest information to support their credit decision process as well as their business and marketing strategies.

APIs allow systems to talk to one another via common protocols, and JBT’s API will make credit information instantly available on the digital marketplace for both buyers and sellers. The new API integration into the VDB app gives JBT members access to credit information on the go, in the palm of their hand, 24/7. This credit data integration creates a more trustworthy and transparent digital environment for VDB buyers and sellers. It will also enable more business with greater confidence, credibility, and efficiency.

“Having the highly respected JBT credit ratings available on the VDB app will add a layer of security and credibility to our digital marketplace,” says Tanya Nisguretsky, CEO of VDB. “Our industry-specific technological experts have created a unique usage for the new JBT API that aligns perfectly with the need for more transparency in our increasingly digital world. It also streamlines the process, making it easy and efficient for vendors to accept buy/memo/hold requests, even when out of the office.”

This new system will allow sellers to run credit reports on potential buyers quickly and easily without leaving the VDB app. For JBT members, the API eliminates the extra steps of leaving the VDB app and logging into the JBT member portal to access credit information or view credit ratings and reports. JBT members will be identified with the JBT logo in various places on the VDB app, adding a layer of confidence and credibility. All non-JBT members will be able to register for a JBT account right from within the VDB app.

“As the fine jewelry industry adapts to modern ways of doing business, JBT has responded with new products like the API to better serve our members’ changing needs and to integrate with their internal systems,” says Erich Jacobs, CEO of JBT. “VDB and JBT worked hand in hand to build this system, and VDB became the first JBT Member to take advantage of our new API—effectively allowing the VDB platform to integrate with JBT’s existing databases seamlessly.” 

JBT’s new API includes secure authentication, integration with JBT back-end systems, and a free developer sandbox. Simply put, this means a JBT member could be working within their own accounting system, or within the VDB marketplace, and with the click of a button access a company’s JBT membership status, JBT credit ratings, and JBT credit report information.

There are no additional charges for using this new feature on the VDB marketplace. As before, anyone within the jewelry trade can register for a free VDB login. A paid JBT account is needed to access credit information. To learn more about this feature or other solutions for your business, visit