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For Some Experiences, Once is Not Enough

VDB will be hosting a new Mercury Ring laboratory grown diamond auction on the enhanced VDB Online Auction House app, February 15-17. This is Mercury Ring’s second lab-grown auction, back due to popular demand following their first lab-grown auction in November 2021.

Mercury Ring (a division of Unique Designs Inc. and a member of The Plumb Club) is offering approximately 1,000+ high quality, loose, 1 carat and higher, IGI certified, lab grown diamonds for auction from February 15 – 17, 2022, with all final bids due by 5:00 pm ET on February 17th.  

To support the auction, the VDB Auction House Online app has been recently updated with new features! App users now will be able to submit bids by total price, per carat price, or discount %. This new functionality promises significant efficiency and savings in a secure environment for industry buyers looking acquire top quality lab grown diamonds at deeper discounts than normal distribution channels.

“We are excited to launch the second in our series of lab grown diamond auctions with VDB. Our goal is to make our top-quality laboratory grown diamonds accessible to the industry in a secure and affordable way,” says Ateet Shah, President of Mercury Ring. Mercury Ring is currently the U.S.’s leading wholesale house for Lab Grown Diamonds. Their series of auctions aims to broaden the esteemed brand’s exposure to jewelry retailers and wholesalers and to make their product easily accessible to potential new buyers at discounted prices. 

As a special promotion in support of the auction, all retailers who download and register for the VDB Online Auction House app will receive a one-time offer to buy a one carat Mercury Ring laboratory-grown diamond for $500 a carat. 

The VDB Online Auction house app offers an efficient, secure way for buyers and sellers to connect using VDB’s fully integrated search functionality. Bidders looking for a specific type of lab grown diamond can input their search criteria to find the right assortment of stones prior to bidding, instead of searching through every item up for auction. The revamped user interface will now prominently display per carat, discount, and total price information and options.

To learn more about this Mercury Ring auction, visit

To download the app for advance registration before the auction, visit

For questions about VDB or the VDB Online Auction House app, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..