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Watch These Replays to Improve Lab-Grown Sales!

If you are interested in increasing your lab-grown diamond knowledge, or looking for content to share with your sales staff as part of their lab-grown diamond sales training, look no further. VDB recently participated in two webinar events on lab-grown diamonds.

The first webinar, hosted by Branko Deljaniin (Diamond Roundtable) and Albert Robinson (The New Jeweler), featured Rob Bates of JCK Magazine, Dan Scott of Lab Grown Magazine, Mark Cullinan of the Cullinan Diamond family, and our own CEO Tanya Nisguretsky.

The webinar title was “Can Lab-Grown and Natural Diamonds Co-Exist,” and the conversation among the panel of experts was packed with knowledge and insight.

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The second webinar, presented by VDB’s VP of Business Development Liz Stamm, entitled “What Customers are Searching for in Lab Grown Diamonds” was featured at Jewelry Ecomm’s 2021 virtual event. During this webinar, Liz shared insights from lab-grown producers and retailers experiencing success with lab-grown diamonds.

A few highlights from this presentation include:

  • How searches by diamond shape compare between mined and lab-grown diamonds.
  • How searches by carat weight compare between mined and lab-grown diamonds.
  • How budget searches compare between the two types of diamonds.
  • How to promote and sell lab-grown diamonds.

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Watch these webinars to stay up-to-date on the latest thinking in lab-grown, or watch them with your staff as a training event. You and your team will walk away with lots of new lab-grown ideas to help your business grow.