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Another VDB Expo Success

VDB's EXPO Platform is Fueling Online Events for the Jewelry Industry


When the world shut down in March, 2020, the VDB team quickly realized that keeping supply chains open and communicating was critical. So we jumped into action, creating VDB Expo. VDB Expo is the only online event platform created just for jewelers, and it was ready for use by May of 2020. The first show to take VDB Expo for a spin was the combined AWDC (Antwerp World Diamond Center) and IDI (Israeli Diamond Institute) show. That show was such a success that they launched a second show on September 14-17.

VDB Expo is a highly visual diamond marketplace features in their pioneering marketplace apps with tradeshow features like virtual networking, live virtual vendor appointments, individual and group chat, and in-app messaging. Using the platform, you can place holds on goods or initiate memos and purchase orders. You can flag favorite products, or build collections to help you with your purchase planning or to review with your key accounts. As Tanya Nisguretsky, CEO of VDB says, “What an honor it is to be able to contribute to the industry at a time like this. The absence of trade shows is a threat to our community. So to be able to come up with a solution to offset that, and help us stay connected and do business together, that’s what VDB is all about."

All exhibitors in the recent show were Antwerp and Israeli traders, and they will be exclusively showcasing natural diamonds. To support this event, VDB added several new features to the VDB Expo platform, including real-time video chat, a new category dedicated to diamond parcels, and a new educational platform with targeted digital marketing solutions to be used in both B2B and B2C environments.

For this show, VDB debuted several new features like instant video chat, in-app meeting scheduling, and an entire offering of educational programs designed to help jewelers grow their businesses. Registration was free for attendees. According to AWDC, “The beauty of this online trade show is the ability to compare both price and quality, in a transparent environment, with trustworthy suppliers."

Eventually, the industry will return to in-person shows again, but we believe that online gatherings will continue to be an important part of jewelry industry buying and selling. And VDB will be right here, developing new, useful applications to assist the industry in its trading activities.