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VDB Helps You Market to Qualified Buyers

For jewelry industry suppliers, service providers, educators, and diamond and gemstone dealers, VDB offers an exciting opportunity to maximize your advertising efforts and get in front of the right jewelry industry audiences. VDB’s marketplace and newsletters provide exciting opportunities to connect with manufacturers, diamantaires, diamond dealers, and jewelry specialty retailers through our engaging and user-friendly trading platform.

Our platform serves as a powerful tool for sourcing, trading, and selling both mined and lab-grown diamonds, combining a marketplace, in-store and online selling tools, and merchandising and sourcing support. With over 26,000 members in 130 countries and more than 1.5 million items listed, we proudly hold the title of the largest B2B lab-grown diamond marketplace in the world.

The Importance of Advertising

Online advertising offers a plethora of benefits that can significantly enhance your sales and outreach. By establishing an online presence through targeted advertisements, you can showcase your products to potential customers worldwide, increasing their visibility and expanding their customer base. This is particularly important for service providers, suppliers, and dealers who are limited by geographical reach and want to tap into new markets.

We provide these benefits through our 4Cs of digital advertising. Everyone in the jewelry industry is familiar with the 4Cs of diamond quality. We’ve taken that concept as a starting point for our digital advertising philosophy. The 4Cs you get when you advertise with us are Connection, Creativity, Conversion, and Customization.

The 4Cs of Digital Advertising
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Connection: Advertising begins with making connections between buyers and sellers. When you advertise with VDB, you become part of a growing community of 24,000 buyers who trade on the VDB marketplace, use VDB apps, and read the VDB newsletter. Our marketplace witnesses over 2 million actions (bullet) and gains hundreds of new users every month (bullet), ensuring that your reach will continue to grow exponentially.

Creativity: Showcase your products in innovative ways that capture the attention of potential buyers. Advertising with VDB gives you the ability to create visually stunning advertisements that stand out in a crowded digital landscape.

Conversion: With access to the right community through ads on our marketplace, apps, or newsletter, you’ll not only capture attention—you’ll capture the attention of buyers looking for what you have. You’ll get more highly qualified leads and convert more leads into sales. What’s more, VDB’s marketplace is open for business 24/7 (bullet). Your message will be front and center whenever your target audience is actively searching for diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, and gemstones … catching them at a time when they are tuned in to their many business needs.

Customization: You have the flexibility to choose from a range of advertising formats that suit your preferences and campaign goals. Whether you prefer inline ads on our web and mobile apps, eye-catching web banners, attention-grabbing pop-up ads, or banner ads in our widely circulated newsletter, which reaches 24,000 qualified jewelry industry buyers, we have you covered. If you’re looking to connect with retailers, for example, you can advertise only in the retailer version of our newsletter. Advertising with VDB also provides the opportunity to send customers to your website or social media channels, to a meeting link to book an appointment, and even directly to your inventory listed on the marketplace, all of which fosters personalized relationships and builds trust.

The 4Cs of digital advertising give you wide reach and engagement, an audience of highly qualified buyers, and diverse advertising options. Overcome the limitations of traditional sales approaches and tap into the vast potential of digital marketing with VDB. Expand your reach, connect with a global audience, and harness the power of data to enhance your marketing strategies. By embracing these modern techniques you can position yourself at the forefront of the industry and stay competitive in an increasingly digital marketplace.


To take advantage of our advertising opportunities and witness the impact they can have on your business, I invite you to respond to this email or book a meeting by clicking on the link below. Our team will be thrilled to discuss the available options, tailor them to your specific needs, and help you generate the desired results.

At VDB, we understand the unique challenges faced by advertisers in today's competitive market. That's why we strive to provide a seamless experience and valuable exposure to our advertising partners. By partnering with us, you'll gain a competitive edge and position your brand at the forefront of the diamond and jewelry industry.


None of the other marketplaces offer the inline ads that work as a retargeting ad. Advertising with VDB helps you build your brand by continuously targeting the users of the marketplace to help customers tune in to your presence and remember your brand.