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Your Wish is Our Command

Introducing … the VDB Sales Genie! 

OK retailers - we’ve all been there. A young couple comes in off the street to look at engagement rings. She has her heart set on an oval lab-grown diamond, 2.0 - 2.25 carats. Your salesperson shows them what you have in the case and in the vault, but you only have a few oval lab-grown stones in that size range.

You offer to bring in some diamonds to show them. You explain that you have several trusted diamond suppliers available (just a phone call away!) and that they can send anything the couple wants to look at. But at this point your clients are getting a bit impatient … they were hoping to make a decision today … and he is now lost in his phone searching for 2.0 carat oval lab-grown diamonds while she is suggesting they go check out a few other stores around town.

This is one of the reasons we created the VDB Sales Genie. Retail jewelers need a tool to help them keep those clients from searching elsewhere.

The Sales Genie has the VDB Marketplace as its foundation: over 1.5 million mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, gemstones and jewelry, all searchable, with gorgeous photography, videos, and full gem details. But the VDB Sales Genie adds a series of features to the marketplace that transform it from being the best marketplace in the jewelry industry to a powerful selling tool, empowering your sales team to better qualify, engage, and close your customers even when you don’t have the physical inventory they seek in your vault. 

Because you do have that inventory in your vault. Consider the VDB Sales Genie your digital vault, expanding your merchandise selections beyond anything any retailer could afford, and giving you access to even those inventories suppliers have restricted due to relationships with some of your largest competitors!

So let’s step back a moment. Before your young couple even considers looking elsewhere, your salesperson opens her tablet and starts sharing the VDB Sales Genie. Together, she and the couple search for options in their size and price range. You have another store across town, and your salesperson shares the inventory in that location first. Then she expands the search to your preferred diamond suppliers. 

Oh, yes. Your preferred suppliers. No more reminding (cajoling, threatening) your sales team about calling suppliers you’d prefer not to do business with. Your Sales Genie can be set up to limit inventory to your preferred suppliers.

You’ve set your markups in the Sales Genie, so the couple only sees the prices you want them to see. And this is no ordinary spreadsheet search! Each search result offers pages of bright, clear images that are the next-best-thing to being there. Click on any diamond in the search to view the high-quality video and look at more details about each stone. 

So instead of walking out, the young couple selects several oval diamonds that suit them. Your salesperson submits a request for memo goods right there in the VDB Sales Genie app - and she’s never had to walk away from the couple for even a minute. Behind the scenes, you've decided to have the Sales Genie route all memo requests to your jewelry buyer for review before being quickly confirmed with the suppliers. Talk about administrative simplicity and control! No more post-it notes behind the cash register. No more reminding (and reminding and reminding) people to fill out the memo-request log. No more surprise memos arriving with no record of who they are for! 

Because the young couple knows they will certainly choose one of the diamonds they have looked at, they are willing to leave a deposit. They set an appointment to return to the store in three days, and they leave with images of the actual diamonds they've selected - something to look at and remain excited about until their return appointment.

That is the story of the VDB Sales Genie. 

  • It allows your salespeople to sell all your own inventory first, and to show much more inventory than you currently own - all while allowing your salespeople to keep their undivided attention on the customer. 
  • It gives you better buying and inventory control by limiting sales staff to approved vendors, facilitating in-app memo requests, and routing memo requests to your buyer (if you wish) for review and approval.
  • The Sales Genie improves your close rate, because your clients are able to see what is coming (making it more “real” to them), which makes them more willing to place a deposit. And you can send your customers off with actual images of their diamonds, which serves to keep them excited until their return visit.

We’d love to give you a demonstration of the VDB Sales Genie and discuss how you would like to use it in your store! Call now, +1 (212) 221-0975, to make an appointment!