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Ask VDB!

This month’s question: “If you have videos of my stones, why do I need to supply images too?”

We’re excited to introduce our new VDB Know More News column, Ask VDB! Each month we’ll answer a question from our VDB audience. This month we’re addressing a question we are asked frequently by our members, which is, “If you have videos of my stones, why do I need to also provide still images?

There are a few reasons for this, but they all boil down to one big reason: If you want to sell more diamonds or gemstones, the more (and better!) images you have, the more likely you are to sell them. But there are a few specific reasons why you need both.

First, still images provide greater detail and clarity. Whereas a video is a fantastic tool for showing the light characteristics and overall appeal of a diamond or gemstone, well-photographed images show much more detail and give the viewer the opportunity to look deeply at the stone. Pausing a video is an option, but you can’t control which frame - or even which millisecond of a frame - you pause the video on, so there is no way to get a video to provide the kind of still, crystal-clear clarity that a photograph can provide.

Second, a photograph can offer magnification! Unlike video, photographs provide the ability to zoom in on an item - or even on a particular spot on an item - for a closer look. 

Finally, you don’t have any control over what type of device a viewer is using. Most devices today display video clearly and easily,  but older devices may hang up on video, require viewers to launch a new link to watch a video, or not display video at all. But even the oldest still-in-use smartphones can display photographs. Just because someone is using an iPhone 4 doesn’t mean they don’t want to buy your goods though! Make sure they can see what you have to offer by having the photograph available alongside the video.