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Why is VDB More Than a Marketplace?

There are numerous advertisements proclaiming VDB as more than a marketplace.  By now, you should have seen at least one, and have asked yourself: There are a lot of marketplaces out there, for different products and across different venues, so how is VDB being more than marketplace relevant to today’s jewelry retailer? 

The answer, A LOT!  As you may already know, VDB is a one-of-kind, visual, interactive, FREE B2B online platform that features mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, colored gemstones, and jewelry.  We developed an app that packages all the latest and greatest features, such as a visual search interface, automatic matched pairs, ability to make memo and buy requests, and more into a single powerful app that you can carry in your pocket or pull out on tablet in your store. 

Sound familiar? To create VDB, we hired an amazing team of developers, designers, and overall people who get things done, so we thought: why not do more?  So we took what we learned from making our search apps and started making SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions for the jewelry industry. 

The benefit of working with SaaS products and partners is that instead of you owning a piece of software that is outdated almost the second it is installed, you get a technology partner that will provide you with updates with the latest features and functionalities our team comes up with.  You stay current with technology and best of all, you don’t have to do it on your own. 

You may ask, “why should I trust you when I can hire my own developer and get something completely tailored to my needs?” But who has the time and resources for that?  VDB has a full stack of software solutions that are already proven to work. Just try out our marketplace app and see. If you find the search interface to be easy to use, the images and videos beautiful to look at, and functionalities designed exactly to what your business needs, then why waste your time and money asking someone to reinvent the wheel? 

So yes, VDB has a marketplace. It’s popular. It’s fun to use. But we are so much more than a marketplace. We offer your business a technology partner that not only has jewelry industry experience, but really understands what you need to increase your sales. If we’re missing something, just let us know. Our door is always open and our team loves figuring out new ways of solving problems. To learn more about our different SaaS options, visit