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The VDB Platform is now even better. Request your trading partners' Jewelers Board of Trade reports right in the app.

At no additional cost to VDB members, the JBT credit rating system is now available to users right within the VDB platform. With the click of a button, users can access:

  • A company's JBT membership status

  • A company's JBT credit rating

  • A company's JBT credit report information

See who is a JBT member while searching

Click to view JBT rating while in the VDB app

How the VDB/JBT Connection Works

  • VDB now makes it easy for retailers to check the credit status of suppliers, and for suppliers to see the credit status of retailers — all within the VDB app.
  • You must have an active JBT account to use this feature. If you do not have an active JBT account, you can apply for a membership or to get listed here.
  • We have provided instructional videos below to show you how to connect your account and look up credit information. However, please keep in mind that the exact screens/popups you will see are controlled by the type of JBT account you have. JBT Enhanced, JBT Standard, JBT Retail and JBT Listed accounts all see slightly different screens.

Connecting VDB Marketplace
with JBT (for retailers)

1. From the VDB webapp, click your profile icon or click this link to go to your settings

2. Select "Settings"

3. Click "Connect JBT Account" (note, if you are not a member of JBT, you can click the link provided to apply on the JBT website).

4. Choose EITHER "Connect with JBT Number" or "Connect with your phone number."

5. Enter the number (for the type you chose)

6. Click "Save & Verify"

Connect VIMS to JBT
(for suppliers)

1. While logged into VIMS, click the "Company" tab or click this link to access the company tab

2. Scroll down to "Company Details"

3. Click the "Connect with JBT" button

4. Choose EITHER "Connect with JBT Number" or "Connect with your phone number"

5. Enter the number (for the type you chose)

6. Click "Save & Verify"

Check Supplier Credit Rating

1. Click on any product

2. Scroll to bottom left of product page

3. Click "Check Rating and Report"

4. Enter  Your JBT Username and JBT Password

5. Click "Continue"

6. You will receive a popup telling you how many lookup credxits you have available from JBT.

7. Click to select JBT Credit Rating. If you click "Report," you will receive a popup instructing you to contact JBT.

Check Retailer Credit Rating

The opportunity to check a buyer's credit rating comes when they make a "buy" or "memo" request.

1. You can access the retailer credit inquiry from the "Buy Request page"

2. In the "From" box, under the contact information, click "Check Rating & Report"

3. Enter your JBT Username and Password

4. Click "Continue"

5. You will receive a popup telling you how many lookup credits you have available from JBT

6. Click to select either a JBT Report or a JBT Credit Rating

Having the highly respected JBT credit ratings available on the VDB app adds a layer of security and credibility to our digital marketplace.

Tanya Nisguretsky | CEO, VDB
  • Virtual Diamond Boutique is the premiere jewelry industry marketplace with over 1.5 million diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, color gemstones, and jewelry.

  • The VDB platform is now even better with businesses being tracked by The Jewelers Board of Trade.

  • Current JBT members can instantly look up JBT ratings right within the VDB app.*

  • The JBT integration increases transparency and trust between buyers and sellers.

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