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Does My Business Need Its Own B2B App?

As B2B buyers and sellers alike become more comfortable with online transactions, B2B organizations are searching for ways to make the process more convenient and efficient. Simply putting a catalog on your website as a PDF along with a form to fill out isn’t enough. B2B organizations have to have as much concern for customer experience as B2C businesses do. The business has already evolved from in-person meetings to phone calls to online forms. The next step in the B2B customer experience is a custom app.

Custom branded apps are common in the B2C sector. They provide a fun, easy, and engaging way for businesses to push promotions, sales, and new products to consumers, all while driving loyalty. Custom apps offer similar benefits to B2B organizations, designed with specific B2B needs in mind.

Drive Sales

The most important reason to consider a custom B2B app is that they help you sell more. B2B transactions can be a confusing, frustrating, and time-consuming part of a buyer’s day, as they navigate websites and catalogs that might be incomplete or out of date and search for contact information. A custom app brings all the convenience of a customer-facing B2C app to the B2B world. Buyers will appreciate the simplicity of doing business from an easy-to-navigate app. If they have any questions, they can communicate directly with your company through the app.

Increase Loyalty and Satisfaction

That ease of use will translate into customer satisfaction, and satisfied customers turn into repeat customers. Your customers will appreciate being able to communicate, place orders, and make payments all in the same place. An app’s familiarity also helps to drive customer retention. It sounds strange, but users will find a sense of ease and comfort in using something they understand and have used before.

Streamline Operations

On the operations side of things, a B2C app will get your whole sales team working from the same platform. They’ll be able to search, save searches, build collections, and make memo requests from the app. Working with the same set of tools makes selling hassle-free, both for the sales team and for the customer

Extend Reach

If you can’t meet a potential customer in person, you can do business online. Geography doesn’t have to be a limitation. You won’t have to send as many salespeople on the road, and you won’t have to wait for trade shows to find new customers. It seems like this is true for every business already: everyone has a website; everyone can do business online. But websites aren’t always easy to navigate, and they might not work as well on all platforms and browsers. An app is convenient and intuitive, and it sets you apart from all of the competitors who have only a phone number and a web address. An app lets you reach out and scale up like nothing else.

Do It All with a Dedicated Technology Partner

If implementing and maintaining all of this technical infrastructure sounds daunting, it won’t be when you have your own jewelry industry tech partner getting it running and keeping it running with worldwide customer service. Every business still needs a website, and a social media presence doesn’t hurt, either. But the future—and the present—for B2B transactions is ecommerce made easy, in the form of a custom B2B app.