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The app-based selling system for jewelry retail stores.

1. Qualify Customers

2. Close More Sales

3. Tech-Enabled Visual Inventory Experience

Diamonds ~ Lab-Grown ~ Gemstones

The Sales Genie increases sales while saving time and money. Wishes granted!

Imagine This ...

(let us tell you a little story)

A young couple come in off the street to look at engagement rings. She has her heart set on an oval lab-grown diamond, 2.0 - 2.25 carats. Your salesperson shows them what you have in the case and in the vault, but in this case you don't have the exact size or price point in stock.

No problem! Your salesperson opens her tablet and starts sharing the VDB Sales Genie. Together she and the couple search for options in their size and price range. You have another store across town, and your salesperson shares the inventory in that store first. Then she expands the search to your preferred diamond suppliers. The prices displayed are your markups. The images are bright and clear and the next-best-thing to being there.

The young couple selects several oval diamonds that suit them, and your salesperson submits a request for memo goods right there in the Sales Genie app. In fact, she is limited to only submitting requests to the suppliers you have approved, and you've decided to have all requests routed to your jewelry buyer for review before being quickly confirmed with the suppliers.

Because the young couple knows they will certainly choose one of the diamonds they have looked at, they are willing to leave a deposit. They set an appointment to return to the store in three days, and they leave with images of the actual diamonds they've selected - something to look at and remain excited about until their return appointment.

Better Sales Presentations

  • Your salespeople can show much more inventory than you currently own.
  • Salespeople never take their attention away from the customer.

Better Buying & Inventory Control

  • Sales staff is limited to showing inventory from approved suppliers.
  • Sales staff can make immediate memo requests — in the app!
  • You can route memo requests through your buyer for review and approval (without creating a single post-it note!).

Better Close Rate

  • Because the clients are able to see what is coming, they will be more willing to make a deposit.
  • Send your clients off with actual images of their diamond options, which serves to keep them excited about their return visit.

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Book an Appointment Now!

Let us show you how easy it is to get started with the Sales Genie!