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Use VDB To Drive Foot Traffic

Retail analysts report that foot traffic at retail stores – across most luxury consumer goods categories including jewelry – is down 80%. Sales are up, but foot traffic is down. How can that be?

Shopping Vs Buying

The internet has caused consumers to separate shopping activity from buying activity. Today’s consumer goes online to research products they want to buy and find retailers that carry them. She only goes to a store once she’s decided what she wants and where she wants to buy it. That’s the shopping phase. Retailers who impress online shoppers get all the foot traffic and make the sales (the buying phase).

If you want to get foot traffic today, you must have a strong website. One that offers many products, with excellent photographs and interesting, informative descriptions. Just as important as a rich, extensive product offering is the mobile experience. Nearly 60% of internet users access the web through a smart phone or tablet, so your online presence must present well on any size device. Consumers expect modern websites to automatically resize – and they won’t waste time pinching-and-pulling to view images or read descriptions! Google has fully studied this and the results are in. When a consumer encounters a website that doesn’t perform well on their Samsung or iPhone, they leave the site immediately and go to the next interesting search result.

Custom App

Developing mobile apps, taking thousands of pictures, and writing thousands of descriptions is time-consuming and expensive, so many retailers are behind in offering the online experience consumers expect. We get it – you have lots of other things to do to run your business! But VDB can help.

For a very small investment (compared to creating your own app), you can customize the VDB mobile application, and offer it to your customers and website visitors through the Apple or Google Play stores. Once customers start playing with all the fun search, compare, and sharing features, they’ll become engaged with your brand, and be far more likely to come to your store.

Don’t be left behind in the competition for store visitors! Over 90% of fine jewelry purchases are still made in the store, after the online browsing is done. Make sure your store is one of the 20% of stores customers actually walk into, by offering a mobile app experience designed to grab and keep consumer attention.