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Keep Calm And M/B/H On

How many postit notes do you have on your desk? Does it look like this?


Or this?


The problem for us jewelers is that there isn’t a productivity app for managing diamond memos, inquiries, and purchases.

Or is there . . . ?

You already know about the power of VDB’s app for visually sourcing and comparing diamonds, gemstones, and jewelry. But did you know it’s also an amazing organization, administration, and productivity app?

That’s right. A Productivity App. A complete organization tool for all those inquiries you make every day, that fits in your pocket or purse.

For every diamond, gemstone, or jewel you select on the app, you have the option to use the Buy, Memo, or Hold feature. Of course, most of the time you probably just pick up the phone, because who wants to wait for a response, right?

But before you pick up the phone, press that Buy, Memo, or Hold button


Well, tomorrow (or, you know, 10 minutes from now), when you’re trying to remember which diamonds you put on hold for further review, you can open the VDB app and see exactly what you have on Hold, on Memo, or have made an offer to Buy – just by looking at your notification screen.

Even better – no more receiving a diamond from your favorite vendor, only to realize you looked at it three months ago and rejected it for the same reason you are rejecting it again now. The VDB app will tell you that you’ve already viewed it . . . before you place the request.

The VDB app even saves your comments, so you can review your notes about specific items at a later date.

So ditch the post-it notes, and reclaim your shiny work surface. Just use the Buy/Memo/Hold features of the VDB App, and bring more productivity to your diamond-gemstone-jewelry-sourcing life.