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How to Benefit from VDB's Marketplace & Apps

Liz Stamm, VDB’s VP of Business Development, recently offered a webinar for retailers to show all the ways the VDB app and platform can benefit jewelry retailers everywhere.

More than just a marketplace (way more), VDB’s platform can give your business the instant digital credibility it needs, all while making your business management easier, more productive, and more fun.

You can watch the video here, but first, let’s review few key points from the webinar.

Liz reminded the audience that VDB was created by the industry, for the industry. VDB was started by a diamond retailer and wholesaler, and is staffed by jewelry professionals. So, when VDB offers services and features, you can be sure they are consistent with what the jewelry industry wants and needs!

A lot of Liz’s presentation focused on all the retail tools that are available in the app. Beyond search, the VDB platform was designed to assist retailers with sales. “The VDB app is quite engaging,” says Liz. “It’s meant for retailers to have the ability to use it across the counter with your customers.”

What makes VDB different from its competitors are the incredible range of features. As Liz shares in her “What Makes VDB Different” section, VDB helps you:

  • Source and sell
  • Displays HD and 360-degree images of searched items (diamonds, gemstones, jewelry, lab-grown)
  • Set markup modes
  • Share favorites and collections
  • Conduct buy, memo, and hold transactions right within the app
  • Use the app to prequalify customers – which helps you close sales faster!

But that’s enough of a recap – you’ll have more fun watching the video for yourself!