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Everybody is Talking About Sales Genie!

VDB’s Sales Genie is the talk of the industry, as retailers search for tools that help them bridge the allure of online experiences with the power of in-person retail. 

Already, retailers are discovering that VDB’s Sales Genie, the app-based selling system for jewelry retail stores, is a game changer. Though each retail store’s challenges are unique, they all come down to a set of similar issues:

  1. It’s not possible to double or triple your inventory, yet consumers expect you to have all the same things your competitors have.

  2. Selling loose diamonds can pull your salespeople away from the customer to dig around in the vault or call suppliers at the very moment when you should be closing the sale and collecting a deposit.

  3. Sales staff isn’t always aware of the dynamics of your supplier relationships, and may contact a vendor for diamonds or gemstones that you’d prefer not to deal with.

  4. Memo management systems can be a real mess, and it’s hard to get everyone to follow best practice when the floor gets busy.

  5. Customers ask to see memo goods, but then fail to come back to the store when they arrive.

  6. Even if the client does pay a deposit,  buyer’s remorse often sets in when they walk out with nothing to show for it but a receipt.

Enter VDB Sales Genie! Sales Genie helps you offset all six of these problems. Let us show you how: 

  1. With VDB Sales Genie, you have the world of diamonds - both mined and lab-grown - at your fingertips. No more scrambling to call multiple dealers. No more losing a customer to a competitor. You can show all the inventory your clients are interested in until they pick the diamond they want. Ssshhhh … this also includes inventories that suppliers aren’t able to directly market because of set-aside requirements from major e-tailers!

  2. When your salesperson has shared the diamonds available in your store, they haven’t exhausted their options!  Next, she can open her tablet and start sharing additional options available through the VDB Sales Genie. Together she and her clients can search for options in their size and price range. If you have another store across town, your salespeople can share the inventory in that store first. Then they can expand the search to your preferred diamond suppliers. The prices displayed are your markups. The images are bright and clear and the next-best-thing to being there.

  3. You can control which suppliers inventory is displayed! No more accidental orders to a supplier you aren’t working with or with whom you don’t have the most advantageous deal.

  4. The VDB Sales Genie maintains records of all memo requests right in the app. You can request to buy, put diamonds on hold, or for diamonds to be sent on memo without ever leaving the customer’s side. Even better, you can set up your VDB Sales Genie to route all requests through a buyer or manager for validation. Messy memo problem solved!

  5. By selling diamonds in this way, your clients will be more engaged and they will have more confidence in you as a seller. This makes getting deposits and return appointments a snap.

  6. You may not be able to send your customers out of the store with their diamond, but you can send them off with pictures straight from the app to your client’s phone, and confirm they have the pictures before they leave. Even better, you can do all this in a beautiful layout that has your store logo and information displayed for better store branding.

So there you have it — six good reasons you should make your appointment for a VDB Sales Genie demo today! Let us show you how easy it is to get started with VDB Sales Genie.