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Provide Lab Grown Diamond Education Online and In Store

Jewelry consumers are increasingly interested in lab-grown diamonds, so letting them know you offer LGD is a great way to build your foot traffic. Of course, the best way to do that is through organic SEO!

Top Lab-Grown Diamond Searches

One of the best ways to focus your website content is to analyze what kinds of questions consumers are asking in their search activity. According to Google, these are the top LGD-related search strings right now:

  • Are lab diamonds real diamonds
  • Are lab diamonds worth anything
  • How much does a 1 carat lab grown diamond cost
  • How much is a 2 carat lab created diamond
  • Can a jeweler tell if a diamond is lab created
  • Should I buy a lab grown diamond
  • Is a lab grown diamond a bad investment
  • Are lab grown diamonds GIA certified
  • Do lab grown diamonds last
  • Is a lab created diamond still a diamond
  • Can a jeweler tell the difference between a lab created diamonds and real diamonds
  • Should I buy a lab created diamond
  • Are lab diamonds fake
  • Do lab grown diamonds look different
  • Is a lab grown diamond a cubic zirconia

Just reading this list gives you a good idea where consumers are coming from! And with this knowledge, you can do several important things.

How to Optimize Search Knowledge on Your Website

You have a lot more to talk about on your website than just who you are, your services, and what you sell. Your website should also include content that provides expert answers to consumer questions. You could include answers to these questions in a FAQ, or create a page that shares your knowledge about lab-grown diamonds.

You could also use each of these searches as a prompt for individual blog posts. If you've ever struggled with wondering "what should I write now?" you'll find that search phrase prompts are a fantastic way to light your blog-writing spark.

How to Optimize Search Knowledge in Your Store

You could also use this list of questions for a sales staff training and role-playing session. Many times when customers get into the store they are reluctant to ask questions, for fear they will look silly or uninformed.  So anticipating unasked questions or making someone comfortable enough to ask questions is a big part of sales success!

The sixteen search phrases listed here will give you sixteen perfect sales training opportunities. Have your team brainstorm - and then act out - ways to introduce answers to these questions into their sales conversations.

If you use an electronic sign board in your store, you can have these questions and answers pop up as cards or chat boxes on screen. One creative retailer uses playing cards as package stuffers (the promotion is pretty cool - the goal is to collect a winning "hands" of cards for prizes over time). The backs of the playing cards are all branded messages. You could put answers to these questions on the backs of cards or as mini-brochures, sending helpful messages along with clients that may bring them back to the store sooner rather than later.

Do it For Your Future

The truth is, younger buyers are falling out of love with mined diamonds and their associated environmental and social costs. Nobody is saying you need to stop selling mined diamonds! But if you want to cultivate the next generation of jewelry buyers, it's important to respond to their concerns with the alternative products that matter to them. Lab Grown Diamonds are part of that answer. 

By making lab grown diamond information available both online and in your store, you answer the unasked questions of consumers who are already aware that lab grown diamonds exist, and alert everyone to the fact that you have lab grown diamonds and can offer expert advice. Lab grown diamonds may be new, but as a retail jeweler, your expertise on diamonds surpasses anything that a non-jewelry specialty retailer can offer. Make sure your prospects and customers recognize that you are still their first, best source for jewelry knowledge.