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Create A Customized Jewelry Display Store Online For A Better Customer Experience

Do you feel like the front door to your jewelry store swings open less and less frequently?

For many jewelry owners, an increase in online shopping is pretty easy to observe. In fact, about 80% of Americans shop on the internet, with 43% of buyers making purchases online “weekly” or “a few times a month.”

These numbers might seem like a threat to brick and mortar jewelry stores, but digital shopping isn’t all bad. You just need to find a way to harness the benefits of digital buying and incorporate them into your own store. An online jewelry display store is one way to make that happen. A digital display of merchandise, including diamonds and colored gemstones, can take your business to a whole new level. And you can better engage consumers with a digital shopping experience.

Your online jewelry display store shouldn’t replace in-store shopping – it should support it! Find out some of the benefits an online jewelry display store can offer your business and your customers.

Images And Videos

It’s hard to get a customer to fall in love with a jewelry setting that has no stone in it. While you’re able to customize special pieces based on a customer’s need, it can be hard for the buyer to visualize exactly what they’re getting if they’re reading a description. Customers want to see and hold the pieces that they’re buying for that special someone.

When you incorporate an online jewelry display store into your sales process, you can help customers picture the final product by showing them high definition images and 360-degree videos of the exact stone they would be getting for their custom piece. With these detailed views, they not only picture what the diamond or colored gemstone looks like, customers feel like they’re holding the stone in their hands.

Even when a diamond or gemstone is not in the store, your customers won’t have to wait until a stone comes in to decide if they like the piece. With an online jewelry display store, they can pinpoint exactly what they want in terms of shape, size, and setting. You get all the advantages of digital shopping – like seeing items before you buy – with all the personal touch of going in the store.

Create Favorites

Sometimes making a big purchase isn’t done in a single day. It’s like buying a car. You might look for the right car for a month before you find one you love. Buying an important piece of jewelry can be a similar process. Fortunately, with an online jewelry display store, your customers can save their favorite diamonds or colored gemstones.

Think about the potential customer looking for the perfect engagement ring. He might come into the store with something in mind, or he might need to look at a dozen rings before he chooses one. That’s when creating a favorites list in an online jewelry display store comes in handy. Your customers can save all the stones they’re interested in to revisit the next time they’re in the store. If they need to go home and think about the purchase before they make their final decision, it’s no big deal! You can pick up right where you left off when they come back to the store. Then, your staff isn’t pressured to close a deal immediately, and the customer can have a more relaxed buying experience.

Visually Pleasing, Interactive Experience

Today’s shoppers are used to a totally different buying experience than they were a decade or two ago. They expect a high-tech buying experience, that gives them control over their search options and helps them find exactly what they’re looking for. You don’t want to replace the in-store shopping experience with an online one, but you can use an online jewelry display store to support your in-store sales process.

Give your shoppers an app with a sleek, high-tech design they’ll love. When you have a well-designed app with your branding on it, customers will associate high-tech, modern jewelry shopping with your store, and you’ll knock out the competition that’s sticking to more traditional sales approaches.

An online jewelry display store also gives your customers a more interactive experience, with greater control over the search and selection process. With the right app, they can narrow down options by setting their own search parameters, designating price range, size, etc. This is exactly like shopping online, but your customers get the benefit of personalized service and years of experience from your jewelry experts in the store.

Side-By-Side Comparison

When you’re helping a customer find the picture-perfect diamond or colored gemstone for their loved one, it can be a challenge to communicate which stone is the best value for their investment. Showing your clients a side-by-side comparison on your online jewelry display store can help them visually compare stones and their prices.

You’ll always ensure your customers get the best price for their investment in a diamond or colored gemstone, and they’ll trust that your jewelry online display store helps them find exactly what they’re looking for. People will come back to your store if they have confidence your jewelry online display store can help them find the best deal on the best products.

The ability to offer side-by-side comparisons can also help you close deals before customers even walk in the store. With the opportunity to look at images and videos of the pieces they’re interested in, customers might come into the store already knowing exactly what they want!

An online jewelry display store can change the way your customers shop. You’ll provide the best of both worlds: the convenience and tools of modern technology and the expert guidance of a dedicated salesperson, all when a customer buys from your brick and mortar store.

Take your jewelry business to the next level with the right online jewelry display store. This will become an essential tool in your sales process and it will be a compelling reason for clients to choose your business over the competition. When you provide your customers a better buying experience, you’re sure to create loyal customers who will give you business for years to come.