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4 Reasons You Need A Jewelry App For Smartphones

In many jewelry stores, operations are basically the same now as they were 50 years ago.

New cash registers or a simple inventory management system are about as far as technology has advanced. But, modern shoppers expect a high-tech buying experience, similar to what they get when they’re buying online. This makes it essential for jewelry stores to keep up with advanced digital shopping standards.

One way to do this is incorporating jewelry apps for smartphones and tablets in your store. These pieces of technology are playing a more prominent role in the jewelry industry today. If you are not incorporating apps into your customer experience, then you’ll lose to your competition who does.

Find out four ways a top jewelry app for smartphones can help you close more sales and give your customers an experience they’ll love.

Access To More Diamonds And Colored Gemstones

One way the internet has today’s jewelry stores beat is the sheer number of options a buyer has to choose from. Think about the guy buying an engagement ring on a limited budget. He’s tempted to buy online because he thinks he can get a better deal on the ring he has in mind. With the right jewelry app for smartphones or tablets, jewelry stores can prove this misconception wrong.

You want every customer, regardless of their budget or the stone they’re looking for, to feel confident they can find it through your store. By using a jewelry app for smartphones and tablets, your inventory expands to a level that easily competes with online shopping options. You can access diamonds and colored gemstones all over the world, giving your customer access a global inventory.

You’ll never lose a sale again because you couldn’t meet the customer’s needs. With a state-of-the-art jewelry app, you can find the exact diamond or colored gemstone at the perfect price. The more options you can give customers, the better chance you have of closing a deal.

Access Inventory In The Palm Of Your Hand

Now that you have a wide range of inventory options to choose from, wouldn’t it be nice to have access to all of your inventory wherever you went? With a jewelry app for smartphones, you can! Have you ever been at a social gathering, maybe a party or event, and started talking to a fellow party-goer about your business? Maybe they said they were in the market for a special piece, but after you gave them your contact info, you never heard from them again.

Carrying or traveling with your inventory is a logistical nightmare. You have to wrap it, and pack it, and insure it. Frankly, it’s more trouble than it’s worth (especially if you don’t make a sale after all that work!) With a jewelry app, the sales game completely changes. You have access to a global inventory in the palm of your hand 24/7. That means you can show pieces and close deals wherever you are, from a professional convention to the beach.

Stay Up To Date On Technology

Giving your customers a high-tech experience on a smartphone or tablet sounds great, right? But maybe you don’t want to put in the work to build an app yourself. Adopting a jewelry app for smartphones basically does all the work for you. With the right jewelry app, you can provide that instant gratification buyers expect. Search thousands of diamonds or colored gemstones in a second, just like buyers can do online.

Rapid results aren’t the only high-tech features clients will appreciate. With a jewelry app, you can provide clients with high-definition views of diamonds and colored gemstones, allowing them to compare multiple options and visualize what they’re buying. While holding and wearing a piece of jewelry is one of the greatest advantages physical stores still have over the internet, the right jewelry app gives customers a pretty similar experience. They can look at 360-degree views of any piece they’re interested in, making it feel like they’re holding it in the palm of their hands.

Finally, when you download a jewelry app for smartphones, you can stay at the forefront of jewelry technology, without having to invest the time or resources yourself. The experts running the app will update features as the industry and technology develop. All you’ll have to do is download the update, and you’ll stay ahead of your competition.

Improve Customer Engagement

When it comes to customer engagement and a positive buying experience, jewelry stores always have internet shopping beat. Buying a piece of jewelry isn’t like buying groceries – walk in the store, get what you need, and walk out. It’s an emotional, celebratory experience. Jewelry is often bought out of love – you love the piece, you love the person you’re buying it for, or both.

So, what does all that emotion have to do with an app? A jewelry app for smartphones or tablets only highlights that positive experience, and helps engage clients by making the buying process more interactive. Instead of a salesperson bringing piece after piece out of the case or from the back room, the buyer has greater involvement in the process.

For example, when using a jewelry app for smartphones, customers can pick and choose the search parameters themselves, and create folders with the diamonds or colored gemstones they love. They’re part of the search process, rather than just having a salesperson show them what their options are. They can truly find the perfect piece for that perfect someone.

Customer engagement goes beyond the search process, too. With a jewelry app, customers can get views of the pieces they’re interested in from all angles, allowing them to evaluate the product for themselves, like they were physically holding it. Instead of listening to a jewelry expert rattle off the facts of the diamond or colored gemstone, they can fall in love with a stone they’re about to buy.

You’re already providing customers with a great buying experience. Why not highlight and support what you’re already doing well by adopting a jewelry app? With a simple download, you’ll bring your store up to a digital-friendly level that can compete with online shopping trends. Your customers will love the experience, and you’ll love increasing your sales.