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A Picture Really Is Worth 1,000 Words

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover.

But that’s exactly what consumers do when they visit your website. You often only get one chance to excite and engage them, so if your product photography is low quality, grainy, or poorly lit, chances are, you’ll fail to entice them.

We know that high resolution, luxury images of your product can get pricey, because, quite frankly, jewelry is very hard to photograph. But if your goal is to sell beautiful jewelry, then paying for beautiful product photography gives you the best chance in today’s ecommerce world.

Good photography also gives you more trust with a customer. When faced with two identical products, with identical prices, but from two different websites, which item do you think the consumer is going to purchase? The one with the high-quality image or the one with the small and blurry image?

Another thing to consider with product photography is alternative views of each product, especially close ups. The more detailed options you can present, the better.

Of course, it’s challenging to take all those photographs, catalog them, match them up with items, size them for the web, and put them on your website. But as online shopping becomes the norm (and jewelry buyers love to shop online – though they still predominantly buy in the store), it will be more important than ever for you to get your photography game in gear.

Think about it this way – the time is going to go by either way. If you start tomorrow, and take two or three good images per day for the next six months, you’ll have 450 good images in six months! Start by taking your evergreen items, the ones you know you will continue to stock and sell for a long time. By the time you have those mastered, you’ll have way more skill at the taking and managing of photographs. You’ll be ready to make sure every new collection you release is online the same day it’s in-store.

First impressions are everything, so investing in good photography should be a priority. Still not sure? Check it out for yourself! Log into VDB now, and see how exciting a diamond with a 360° view can be!