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30 Days of Social Posts

If you find the prospect of coming up with another month (or week, or day!) of social posts daunting … if you’d rather be doing anything else with your time … if your ideas just dry up the minute you sit in front of the social media planner ... This article is for you.

Use this list as a guide to generate fun, interesting social posts. You’ll find it’s so flexible that you can reuse it, again and again, to get those creative juices flowing!

  1. Highlight a product. Tell a really good story about it.
  2. Write a list post. “10 reasons to  buy yourself that ring.” “15 reasons to buy yourself a diamond.” “25 wedding anniversary gift ideas.” You get the drift
  3. Ask your customers to rate a specific product.
  4. Create a post for #FridayFeeling
  5. Highlight an employee.
  6. Talk about one of the daily tasks in your store. Don’t worry if it seems mundane to you - people are fascinated by other people’s work lives!
  7. Make a post for #WednesdayWisdom
  8. Put one product on deep deep discount, only for today. Stick to your guns - no extensions! This will make sure they’re watching your social media in the future.
  9. Explain one jewelry making concept.
  10. Share a funny meme
  11. Run a poll. Feel free to be silly, contemplative, philosophical, or practical!
  12. Ask customers to vote on a product photo.
  13. Share a funny mistake that was made in the store
  14. Post a product video.
  15. Do a “Reasons you should shop here” post. Post random numbers, like “Reason #475 to shop here: …”  Next time, use “Reason #18 to shop here …”  Then “Reason 2,167 to shop here …”
  16. Post a “try-on” video
  17. Highlight a customer (with permission, of course)
  18. Make a post for #MondayMotivation
  19. Share an inspirational video
  20. Share a music track - ideally, “what’s playing in the store right now.”
  21. Offer a flash sale. Try “2 hours only!” or something equally motivating.
  22. Offer a cleaning tip.
  23. Tell the story of a color gemstone.
  24. Tell a mini-history story of your store.
  25. Highlight one of your brands.
  26. Share one of your customer service benefits.
  27. Have an employee share their favorite piece of jewelry in the store right now.
  28. Share a funny/random/weird holiday (this calendar will help you out:
  29. Share gratitude for #ThankfulThursday 
  30. Share a tip about accessorizing

Once you’ve created your first month of posts (which we encourage you to do using social media post manager like Hootsuite, Planable, etc.), recycle and reshuffle this list and do it again!