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20 Statistics You Should Know for 2021

The VDB team absolutely loves using data to inspire ideas and drive decisions. Here are some statistics (in no particular order) for 2021 we think you’ll enjoy too!

  1. 84% of companies report they now have a content marketing strategy (not sure what we mean? See our article this month on Inbound Marketing) (source: SEMrush).
  2. Email marketing has a 4400% ROI on average (source: OptinMonster).
  3. Oval-shaped diamonds are getting hotter. In 2020, searches for ovals grew 58%, from 9.2% to 14.5% of searches (Source: VDB).
  4. Worldwide digital ad spend only grew 2.4% in 2020, but it’s expected to grow a whopping 17% in 2021. (Source: Forrester).
  5. 21% of all lab-grown diamond searches are for F color – significantly higher than the 15.1% of F color searches for mined diamonds (Source: VDB).
  6. Welcome emails have an average open rate of 82% (source: GetResponse).
  7. LinkedIn ad spend in the US has increased over 40% since 2016, making LinkedIn a staple advertising channel for B2B marketers (source: Dialogtech).
  8. Demand for round diamonds may be slightly declining. Searches for round diamonds fell 25% year-on-year from 2019 to 2020, from 58.1% of searches to 43.3% of searches (Source:VDB).
  9. Only 61% of marketers think their current marketing strategy is effective (source: Hubspot).
  10. Lab-grown diamond consumers are more likely to look for oval shapes than mined diamond consumers (source: VDB).
  11. 80% of marketers report their paid lead generation activities are only slightly or somewhat effective (source: BrightTalk).
  12. Demand for cushion cuts is growing. Cushion searches grew 37% year-on-year from 2019 to 2020, from 5.2% to 7.1% (source: VDB).
  13. 58% of marketers are now focused on targeting or segmenting their audience (source: Forrester)
  14. Omnichannel advertising campaigns produce a 250% higher rate of purchase frequency than single channel campaigns (source: ClickZ).
  15. Customer retention rates are 90% higher for omnichannel campaigns than for single channel campaigns (source: ClickZ).
  16. The emerald cut boom may be over. Memo requests for emeralds were down 36% in 2020, from 8.8% of memo requests to 5.6%. (source: VDB).
  17. 81% of marketers are worried that their use of third-party data will raise privacy concerns, and 82% of marketers plan to increase their use of first-party (private) data as a result (source: eMarketer).
  18. More online advertisers drove leads to phone calls in 2020 than ever before. Click-and-call campaigns are a powerful sales driver, yielding more than 170 billion phone calls (source: BIA/Kelsey).
  19. 28% of people who perform a local voice search go on to call the business (source: BrightLocal).
  20. Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates 3x as many leads (source: 99 Firms).