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Close More Sales . . . Faster

VDB Helps You Better Qualify for a Better Close Rate

The Problem

You see it every day. Customers call or come in with no clear idea of what they want, when they want it, or how much to spend.

Qualifying customers more effectively (and quickly) will increase your sales.  Turn any salesperson into a power closer using VDB.

Here's How VDB Can Help

Don't Tell . . . Show!

VDB's visual search makes it easy to show your customer all the options. If you use markup modes, everything will display with your own prices (or you can hide prices). VDB's marketplace features rich photography and 360-degree views. 

Expertise Sells

Answer the most detailed questions about any item on the app and give your customers the information and confidence they need to make a purchasing decision. Navigate to the "i" symbol on any search result for more details about each item.

Better Conversations

The VDB app facilitates the kind of conversations customers crave.  Use the VDB app chat for great conversations! Nothing will bring an online shopper into the store faster than a strong online-to-retail communication strategy.

Since meeting VDB, we have used it at the sales counter, effectively extending our diamond inventory, as well as using it as a resource for appraisal research. The most interesting by-product is that we have picked up two new regular "go-to" dealers for both inventory and calls. Great tool!

David Craig Rotenberg

Better Inventory = Better Sales

Today's shopper expects inventory to refresh constantly, and just knowing that new things may be available will bring them back to your store. But jewelry inventory isn't like books or CDs, and turning live inventory just isn't that fast. So use the VDB app, instore, with your customers, to show them new things every time they come in. VDB is constantly adding new vendors, and those vendors are constantly adding new product. That's a win for everyone.

When you use VDB to better qualify your customers — whether they are at home or in your store — you will build better relationships with your customers and close sales faster.

Let us give you a brief demonstration of all the ways VDB can help you better qualify!