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Build Your Store Traffic

Using VDB and MultiChannel Strategies

VDB is a Powerful In-Store Selling Tool

While we still have a lot to learn about what the best "formula" for retail will be in this new digital era, one thing is clear: consumers expect the retail experience to  be more engaging, more meaningful, and more integrated with the store's online presence. The good news is, there are already many things you can do to meet those expectations, and VDB is here to help.

This graphic illustrates the many things your digital strategy must accomplish. Next, we'll take a look at how VDB can help.

Since meeting VDB, we have used it at the sales counter, effectively extending our diamond inventory, as well as using it as a resource for appraisal research. The most interesting by-product is that we have picked up two new regular "go-to" dealers for both inventory and calls. Great tool!

Andrea HillDavid Craig Rotenberg
David Craig, Ltd

12 Ways to Use VDB as an In-Store Sales Tool


The VDB app contains powerful comparison features, allowing you to compare diamonds across the platform. Use the app as a standalone, or alongside your live inventory, and give your customers the full picture of just how much inventory you have to offer.


No other jewelry industry search platform provides the rich images and 360-degree views that the VDB app provides. Customeres aren't inspired by spreadsheets! But using the VDB app with your customer allows you to share tends of thousands of images of diamonds, gemstones, and jewelry - images that will excite and inspire and help you close sales.

Capture Leads

If you've white labeled the VDB app, then your customers can download the app from the app stores, and shop your inventory. Just as you place buy and hold requests with your vendors, your custom VDB app will facilitate the same interaction with your customers! Talk about multi-channel!

Video Content

Video sells, and boy does the VDB app have video! A huge percentage of the items on our platform also include 360-degree views. Of course you want to show them live inventory in your store, but if what you have in stock isn't what they're looking for, don't let them walk away! Use the VDB app to show them diamond, gemstone, and jewelry videos that will keep their attention.

Same Day Shipping

Many of the items in the VDB platform are available for same-day shipping. Your customers will be delighted to discover that live goods can be available for them to try on and admire in a very short time. You get the added advantage of pre-qualifying the customer before you ask the vendor to prepare the memo!

Share New Ideas

As a jeweler, you know the bounty of beautiful diamonds, gemstones, and jewelry available to you in the marketplace. But your customers probably have little awareness of just how many options they have! Use the VDB app to share the possibilities with your customers. It will be some of the most fun you've had selling - and they've ever had buying!


Your white labeled VDB app, also facilitates customer conversations - the kind of interaction customers crave.  Just as you can use the VDB app to message back-and-forth with your vendors, your custom VDB app will facilitate the same interaction with your customers! Nothing will bring an online shopper into the store faster than a strong online-to-retail communication strategy.


When you white label the VDB app, you put a powerful user interaction tool in your customers' hands. Imagine this: You help your customer download the app while she's in the store with you. Then, show her how to create collections and wish lists of the items she loves! She may not buy today, but she'll certainly be coming back!

Expert Advice

You'll be able to answer the most detailed questions about any item on the app, giving your customers the information and confidence they need to make a purchasing decision. Just navigate to the "i" symbol on any search result, and see gorgeous images (and 360 views where available) alongside rich product specifications.

Try Now

We all know the pain of bringing in several items on memo, only to find out the customer is unqualified to purchase any of them - or couldn't "picture" them from the descriptions. Using the VDB app with your clients, you can pre-qualify them before bringing the goods to your store. And the customer will be more patient waiting, because they have seen a picture - not just heard a description.

Dynamic Content

Today's shopper expects inventory to refresh constantly, and just knowing that new things may be available will bring them back to your store. But jewelry inventory isn't like books or CDs, and turning live inventory just isn't that fast. So use the VDB app, instore, with your customers, to show them new things every time they come in. VDB is constantly adding new vendors, and those vendors are constantly adding new product. That's a win for everyone.


Keeping sales conversations alive is a lot easier when you have the VDB app in your hand. Invite the customer to try it for herself, and while you're having fun looking at all the diamonds, gemstones, and jewelry, you'll continue the conversation and begin to build a relationship. 

Are You Ready?

The VDB app is a powerful sales support tool.  The digital approach will appeal to younger buyers, and all buyers will appreciate the rich experience of searching, viewing, saving, matching, comparing, ordering, and dreaming about the tens of thousands of diamonds, gemstones, and jewels available from your store.

So what are you waiting for? Download the app today (or log in, if you already have it), and begin exploring this fabulous sales tool. Your customers will be talking about the experience in no time.