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Are You Overwhelmed with Administrative Tasks?

VDB Has Your Back

Let VDB Be Your Productivity App

How many post-it notes do you write in a day? One for every diamond call you make? One for each reminder to check back with a diamond vendor? And for each of those post-its, is there a related post-it for the customer you want to show those diamonds to? Or maybe you aren't a post-it fan. Maybe, you keep spiral notebooks filled with your diamond-sourcing notes, crossing each task of as you complete it, and adding to the bottom of your list. Whatever method of task-management you use, one thing is real: the work of diamond sourcing, memo management, and returns is never-ending and detail-intensive.

In this ever changing and technology reliant world where time is money, and in this fast and competitive industry where customer satisfaction is the key, VDB is making life, customer service and business easy.

Sonu Kothari CircleSonu Kothari, CEO
Belgium, NY LLC


Found an item you just have to have? Make an offer right from the app. The buy features lets you suggest a price and terms directly to the supplier right from your smart device. No need to mess with emails or calls. Best of all, VDB lets you work on the go so you don't have to get back to the office just to make a purchase.


Send memo requests straight from your mobile app. Sometimes it's not comfortable to make a call to your supplier if front of customer. Now with in-app messaging you can avoid awkward situations.

In addition, all your requests gets stored in the VDB system so you don't need to keep scraps of notes to keep track of your calls. On top of that, our smart system can tell you if you've ever requested the item before so you don't end up sending out for the same stone twice. Work more efficiently and organized to increase sales.


Have an indecisive customer?  Place a hold on the stone for up to 72 hours so you don't run the risk of losing it and you don't have to worry about sending out for something you can't use.  The VDB notification system helps you keep track of what you are considering so there's no confusion.

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Ditch the post-it notes and reclaim your shiny work surface. Just use the Buy/Memo/Hold features of the VDB App, and bring more productivity to your diamond-gemstone-jewelry-sourcing life!