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Fashion Outlook: Trends to Follow for Jewelers

Today’s pop culture phenoms and pandemic curiosities are the inspiration for tomorrow’s fashion trends. In its Spring/ Summer 2022 forecast, product intelligence firm Trendalytics predicts a fashion season moved by consumers’ desire to connect with nature, streamline our closets and escape the modern world.

Based on the Trendolytics’ proprietary prediction models and industry expertise, the forecasts centers on 5 seasonal narratives backed by cultural contexts, key items, colors and materials to watch in women‘s wear. Though what era of normal the world will be in next year remains somewhat of an enigma, the themes that Trendolytics predicts reflect a timeless appreciation for quality materials, soothing colors and fashion that provide both emotional and physical comfort to consumers.

The Time Traveler

This trend offers tremendous opportunity to sell classic jewelry with filigree, engraving, old miner's cuts,  and color gemstones. It's driven by "Bridgerton," the 19th century era Netflix series that combines upper class London’s poshy regality with the soap opera drama of "Gossip Girl", and its lavish fashion and accessory will continue to be a welcomed respite from loungewear. Details such as puff sleeves, satin bows, and royal fabrics are front and center in stores, magazines and online across the year.

The trend story paints a portrait of feminine luxury, romanticism and richness. Soft pinks, golds and jewel tones reflect the opulence and elegance found in the Elizabethan and Tudorian courts. Fabrics like satin, organza and velvet lend themselves well to the period’s voluminously cut silhouettes.


In “Eclipse″ we see yet another side effect of the pandemic: The spiritual awakening of both consumers and designers. They‘re turning to the spiritual realms for answers and often starting their search online. Trendalytics found that searches for the terms “zodiac“ and “spirituality“ continue to trend. These are themes that translate very well in jewelry, from fine jewelry with diamonds to hot bridge jewelry that will move quickly. 

Aesthetics are an important part of fashion trends. When you see a trend, you should think about what kind of style it represents. Some styles represent certain types of personalities, while others represent different cultures. This kind of self-expression and connectedness will continue to be strong themes in the coming years.

Craft and Handmade

In an attempt to pass the time in their homes during the pandemic, consumers unearthed hidden skills. These skills included jewelry making, knitting, sewing, painting, baking and even candle making. Craftcore is a reflection of this unbridled sense for creativity through mixed patterns, customized clothes and thrift store finds. This trend also embraces a DIY approach to fashion. It allows the consumer to express themselves through their own unique style. For jewelry stores, it's driving more consumers to request custom jewelry to suit their personal style and out of respect for the value of making something truly unique.

There has been a resurgence of respect for quality craftsmanship and innovative design. Bespoke jewelry screams quality, craftsmanship, and something that can be worn for years to come and passed on to future generations.


If you think you've been seeing a lot of animal and nature jewelry lately, you're not wrong! The outdoors is a place where you can escape the daily grind, and it’s becoming increasingly fashionable to do so. People are buying outdoor clothing to protect themselves from the elements, and they are also buying stylish clothes that will help them blend in with nature. These two trends are colliding, and it’ll be interesting to see what comes next.


The word Halcyon comes from the Greek word for "tranquility". Whether through spirituality or nature, consumers are looking for treasures that will bring a sense of calmness to your life. In clothing this translates as a minimalistic approach focused on classic staples like tailored shirts and jeans, giving them a timeless feel. In jewelry, this points - again! - to classic styles. This perspective is also fueling renewed interest in simple solitaires and clean, elegant styles. Consumers to whom this trend appeals want to avoid trends and stick to what works best.

Trendalytics defines style as “the art of dressing well”. It notes that the trendiest colors are neutral shades like browns and creams, while warm neutrals like blues and greens calm the system. It also suggests using materials like cashmere, silk, and quilting to create pieces that stand out. Jewelry that can be worn with any outfit at any time of day fits in with this as well.