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How Jewelry Retailers Can Win Customer Sales Over E-Commerce This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a jewelry retailer’s busiest time of year! In addition to having twinkling lights and festive wreaths outside, you probably have more and more people milling about inside. That’s a lot of opportunity for revenue that you don’t want to go to waste! So, you need a solid sales strategy to pull customers away from their online shopping and bring them back into your store.

How to Benefit from VDB's Marketplace & Apps

Liz Stamm, VDB’s VP of Business Development, recently offered a webinar for retailers to show all the ways the VDB app and platform can benefit jewelry retailers everywhere.

If You’re Not Mobile, You’re Not Really Online!

Early in 2018, Google dramatically shifted how they index web traffic. They no longer index “desktop” websites for placement in search results. Instead, they now index mobile versions of websites, and base search rankings on mobile content and performance. Why did they do this? Because today, online means mobile.

Importance Of Investing In Technology

For nearly 50 years, business managers relied on a fairly static set of benchmarks regarding how to invest in their business. But all of that changed – dramatically – since the turn of the century.

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