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Don’t Let Fear Undermine Your Decision-Making

You make so many decisions as a business owner: who to hire, which strategies to pursue, what products to buy, where to advertise, where to spend your cash, how to schedule, when to invest . . . you probably can’t remember the last time you enjoyed a decision-free day.

If You’re Not Mobile, You’re Not Really Online!

Early in 2018, Google dramatically shifted how they index web traffic. They no longer index “desktop” websites for placement in search results. Instead, they now index mobile versions of websites, and base search rankings on mobile content and performance. Why did they do this? Because today, online means mobile.

Sell With Smart Phones & Social

Informal polling and discussion with our customers has taught us an interesting fact: jewelry business owners tend to restrict access to mobile apps and technology among their sales staff.

What Do We Mean By PLATFORM?

You probably hear the word “platform” a lot these days. But we’re learning that we don’t all share the same definition of what a “platform” is!