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What’s the Big Deal About Fresh Content Anyway?

Having regularly refreshed, visually interesting content is one of the best ways to attract new customers to your website. 

There’s a lot of conversation about how many pictures it takes to create a great website, and that’s for good reason. It’s hard to illustrate how a product looks with just words. It’s next to impossible to convey the beautify of an individual diamond by sharing its lab certificate specifications (and of course we know that two diamond with the exact same lab specs can look entirely different!). So pictures are important, and more pictures are better than less pictures.

But do you know what the internet really runs on? Words. You see, pictures will help people stay on the page, and will help them make a buying decision, but it’s words that bring them to the page in the first place. That’s because people search using words. Increasingly, they search using spoken words (Hey Siri, find me a place nearby to buy trees). In fact, billions of words each day are put into search engines, and from there, people navigate to websites they never heard of before.

Wouldn’t you like that website to be yours?

To do that, you need to make the search engines happy. And to do that, your website needs to perform in a few important ways.

First, it needs to be fast. Every page should load in 2 seconds or less. Second, it needs to be responsive. No matter what device someone is using, from the smallest iPhone to the largest monitor, your website must look instantly fantastic. There are several other technical requirements, but those are the two most important.

Next, it needs to have content. Interesting content. Recently updated content. Regularly refreshed content. You see, the search engines can tell if the last time you posted something new was 2017, and if it was . . . they won’t refer you. After all, they’re not even sure if you’re still in business! The search engines can also tell if every time they send someone to one of your links, that someone returns to search almost immediately. That means whatever the customer landed on wasn’t interesting enough or relevant enough to stick with. The search engines can also tell the difference between websites that update once every 3 months and websites that have new content every week -and the more actively updated websites always win the link war.

So if the best way to find new customers today is to attract them to your website (and it is), then the best way to attract them to your website is to have regularly refreshed, visually interesting content. There are a lot of ways to do that – including adding a few new products each week, writing a blog, or sharing photos and reflections from the shop or customers on your sales floor.

And we’d like to be part of that. VDB can help you bring more traffic to your site. Our easy website integrations give you lots of new product to show and gorgeous photographs and videos of diamonds. A VDB integration checks off a lot of boxes when it comes to making your website desirable as a destination. And we’re committed to continuing to develop ways to help you build the digital aspects of your business.

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