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You’re In Control – And You Should Be

As technology evolves, it becomes easier to customize and less expensive to own.

In 1909 Henry Ford said consumers could have his Model T in any color they want, as long as its black. At the time, people were pretty lucky just to get an automobile, so maybe that wasn’t so bad.

There was a time when people were lucky just to get a website. Only 10 years ago, the only way to have a highly-functioning website was to do custom programming, which was expensive to do, and expensive to maintain and evolve. Five years ago it was still extraordinarily expensive to have a highly functioning app.

But as technology (all technology – automobiles, power tools, websites, apps . . . ) evolves, it always becomes easier to customize and less expensive to own. And one of the results of that should be that you have more choice in functionality and more control over long-term cost of ownership.

Today, you can have a website that suits your business’s strategy, merchandising philosophy, and customer target. You can have an app that is completely customized to your business, without the cost of maintaining and evolving it yourself. And the technology you choose for your business should be considered relative to your business goals and objectives.

For example, Shopify isn’t for everyone. Shopify works great for shopping-cart centric sellers. But if you’re trying to drive most of the online traffic to your store, you may prefer a Wordpress site, which makes it easier to add a lot of rich content. Some companies find that Magento works best for their business approach, and others would rather have a site built in Adobe Spark.

The bottom line is that your business choices should not be limited to what someone else is prepared to sell. You deserve technology partners who are prepared to meet your business strategically and operationally, and facilitate your business.

That’s why VDB has worked hard to create integration technology for our platform that works with Wordpress/WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, and any other website technology with an API connection. Because we don’t want to dictate how you do business – we just want to help you do business.

For more information about our integrations:

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