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At VDB, we have our finger on the pulse of the industry. We know the pain points, and we have solutions. We know what people are searching for, and how to connect the supply chain. And we're happy to share our insights and data with the industry, because we know that we are all stronger together.

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Choosing a Website Platform

If you’re planning to build your own website, you have several good options today – options that didn’t exist (or weren’t nearly as good) only 10 years ago. One of the best things about today’s build-your-own website platforms is that they make it easy to create a site that looks good and follows good graphic design practices. But every site has its pros and cons, and those are relative to your business objectives. So let’s look at three of your build-your-own options, and how to make the most of them. Shopify Shopify’s strong suit is ecommerce. They have taken into account all the things online sellers want to do, and made it easy for you to do them. Shopify makes sure all your product details are optimized for search engine results. What does that mean? It means that it creates...

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Brand Identity is the Key to Visual Merchandising

B2B Businesses Need Branding, Too

Welcome to the future of the jewelry business, where a revolutionary new way to buy and sell is now in your hands. We are Virtual Diamond Boutique™. We are retailers. We are wholesalers. We are global sightholders. We are a worldwide community working together to create the next generation jewelry trading network that will take the jewelry business into the future of omnichannel marketing. Mobile. Digital. Global. Innovative. Simple. Beautiful.

With VDB, you can carry all the world’s diamonds and gems with you wherever you go, finding your next customer everywhere and anywhere. Forget old-fashioned spreadsheet technology. Search for diamonds the way you buy: with your eyes. VDB’s beautiful visual-based mobile app means you can immediately show your customers exactly what they are looking for so they can instantly fall in love. The sales are closed and the gems are on their way with a few simple taps.